Wednesday, January 19

Making the Most of the Holidays

Isn't it horrible having to go to work during the school hols?
Up to now I've been fortunate to have time off and/or work from home for the whole of each holidays. But since I've taken on a new position, things are a bit different.
It's not too bad I guess - Tim's work hours mean that there's only 2 days a week where we need childcare....but makes me feel guilty somehow.

So, we try and make the days fun, no matter what our work on the weekend we set up the tent and the hammock in the backyard and the kids camped out for 3 nights in a row..... the 4th night however, I insisted they sleep in their own beds.....the lack of sleep from the excitement, giggling and torch ganes was a little too much to bear.

Hasn't it been HOT lately!
The kids were hinting strongly about going to the town pool (it's heated.....and crowded......and IN you can see why I wasn't so keen).
I had a better Mummy-idea.
Go outside and play with the hose I said......while you're at it you can wash my car I said.....I'll even give you $5 each! worked!
Sometimes they can get on so nicely together....warms my heart.
Then they hit up Dad for the same deal (clever too, my girls!)

Mia climbed to the top of her cupboard on the weekend and dragged down the playdough tub. Plenty of tools and cutters....but oh dear.....playdough was rock hard!
So Mia and I busied ourselves in the kitchen cooking Microwave Playdough......a great recipe, nice and simple, makes lovely smooth and soft dough.  Just a tad messy.....we had so much fun, even though there was a ton of washing bowl per colour, you see.

......anyway, I thoroughly recommend it as a school holiday activity - even the bigger girls spent hours making all kinds of weird and wonderful things with it.

The strange weather seems to have brought out the fleas....they aren't usually much of a problem here.....but poor little Milly was beginning to be driven crazy by them....stopping to scratch mid-gallop....often while half hopping along on 3 legs....quite funny really.
So into the bath for Milly-Pup..... 

....not impressed....but fluffy and flea-free!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays....what's left of them.....and finding time to have fun with your kids/grandkids.

P.S. Heartfelt thanks to those who signed up for the "Smile" workshop (see last post)...if you're thinking about it, don't wait too long....only those before 24th Jan will go towards the Flood Appeal.

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  1. Lovely photos! LOL at Millie's face at bathtime! She does not look impressed! Love to all at Sunnydale! xxxx


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