Sunday, January 16

Three Generations of Bloggers

Blogging is a spreading craze in our family!!

I helped Mum...
... set up a blog over Christmas when I was there.....

And yesterday, my 11 year old daughter Kate...

...decided she needed one as well.....

I know it would make their day if you called in and left a comment!

A fun and busy weekend.....despite our cancelled trip to to share soon.
Good night !


  1. I am so enjoying my blog, darling, thank you for helping me set it up! I gave up keeping a diary some time ago, so my blog is a way of journalling my life and it is much more fun! Well done Katybell.......I am off to check out Bookworm. Lots of love from Martha xxxx

  2. hi penny -its funny when i saw you and your mums blog i thought you looked alike but thought no .Anyway nice to meet you hope you will check out me blog as well-dee

  3. Pen, I love that pic of the old boy and me, can I please have a copy? Ta! xxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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