Sunday, October 3

Golly Gosh

Yes Linda, I can hear you sniggering at my choice of words......but GOLLY GOSH it's been 3 weeks since I was here and that is far too long!

Life has been busy and hectic and time gets away too fast.....can you believe it's the start of daylight savings already? I have to say I'm not really liking it so far....didn't even think about starting dinner tonight until 7.30, which of course meant a late night for the kids. Just as well it's the middle of the school holidays I am thinking.

OK, some pics......
Renovations galore at Sunnydale right now...

Kate's 11th birthday party at the circus, where the clown played a trick on her (much to her embarrassment and our amusement!)...

A visit from an echidna helping himself to something tasty in the tree trunk....

Paddy graduated from his "puppy play pen" to a chain and a 44 under a tree, just like Dad...

....and to think this is how small he was 4 months ago.... early birthday pressie for moi (can you guess what's inside?)...

Some scrapping to share.....
This one was part of a Scrapping Whisper at Home & Scrapped...

A birthday theme challenge for Design Dollies...

DD sketch....

And a DD Elements Recipe (a ticket, yellow, paint, polka dots and lots of journaling....tricky huh!)

Do you like this paper???

I really REALLY do....and it's part of the stash I'm working with for the class I'm running at the retreat I'm going to very soon - my very first one ever!!! Excitement plus!

Also exciting - my birthday! Well, not the birthday so much (it's not a nice number), just the PARTY we're planning! Yay yay and double yay!


  1. Golly gaaaawsh, wot was in the box???

    Love your visitor.

    Can't wait til the weekend!!


  2. Know what you mean about damn DLS, I did exactly the same thing re. dinner here too.
    Love all your bright, happy pages and pics of what's happening.
    Take care, H xxx.

  3. I have been patiently waiting for the blog update.........thanks! Love the layouts that you have done, so bright and funky.

    Can't wait to see all the new renos at Sunnydale and catch up with Paddy pup.

    Cute Echidna!

    Am packing for the party right now. See you all soon. xxxxx

  4. Hey Penny love the Lo's!! LOVE seeing my buttons on your page! I really enjoy seeing how people use my creations on their own ones :0) Hope you had a fab birthday :0)Keep those Lo's coming I'm a big fan :) Cheers Janelle xx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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