Sunday, October 17


What a gorgeous day! Quite unexpected after a toe-numbingly cold night and huge deluge of rain yesterday (42mls in the gauge)....

What better way to spend the day than to build a TREEHOUSE.....(well, Tim and the kids did - I was stuck inside organising the tax records for the accountant tomorrow....blagh!)

How do you like that view!

Wanna see my latest creation for the Dollies?

This is the sketch.....why not have a go???

Hardly scrapped at all this week.....been totally engrossed in the last of the Millenium saga....

I will go out on a limb and say that these books are the best I have ever read in my entire life....I was cheering on the heroine as she sought her wicked revenge on the lowliest male scum......and
despite a cast of thousands and at times a rather complicated plot, it kept me totally enthralled to the very end.
I'm telling you - you have to read these books.....go on you go!


  1. I love that Dollies LO Penny - totally cute :) I've never read that series but I'm going to start now on your recommendation. I'm always looking for new books to get addicted to.

  2. Loving the tree house Pen! What fun.........

    Are you bringing the books with you next week?

    I have been reading a couple of Jodi Picoult's that I missed earlier, but have been disappointed with them............
    Second Glance and Nineteen Minutes.
    Can't win 'em all, I guess.
    Love to all xxxxxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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