Sunday, October 24

Indi Girls

Another day, another reason to DRESS UP...
The girls have been studying India and the Commonwealth Games at school and on Wednesday had India Day.....
Watch out Bollywood!

It was the "best day ever" according to them. Got to help prepare curry, kebabs, pappadums and minted yogurt dip for lunch.
Do you remember school ever being this fun?

If you like using HEARTS on your layouts, you need to check out the latest Elements challenge at Design Dollies. Here's mine:

The large heart is a pocket for the squillions of little tiny love letters Mia gives me every day.
Talking of things that inspire....
this book was one of my fave birthday gifts....

......order yours here and have a look at their other gorgeous stuff - journals, quotation books, cards & wrap, lunchmail tags.....but I warn you - you will want EVERYTHING in the store!

2 and a bit more days and I'll be getting in the car on my way to my first scrap retreat.
Have spent the day trying to decide what I'm going to need......who knew it would be so hard? There are so many essentials required!

Happy butterflies dancing in my tummy!


  1. Great photos Penny and I LOVE your layout! Your girls are beautiful!

  2. the girls look gorgeous!!!

    and no, school was NEVER that fun!!

    love Mimi's Love Notes - how sweet!!

    have fun at your scrappy get away!!


  3. Oh my gorgeous bollywood girls, they look beautiful! Such fun at Gum Flat School...........'twasn't like that in my day, that's for sure.

    That layout of Mia is adorable...I love her little love notes too, they bring tears to my eyes! Sweet child!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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