Saturday, September 11

What a week!

First a layout share....

...using Design Dollies latest colour challenge....

The prize for this month is rather cool.....

.....all you have to do for the chance to win is to enter at least ONE of the 4 colour challenges the Dollies will throw at us during September! Easy!

Another DD layout to show you using this sketch.....

Three circles, three gorgeous girls....what else would I do???

All the green I've been scrapping with lately must have jinxed the weather.
Remember this photo I shared with you in April this year?

Well....check it out now.....

and full dams as well!!!!!!

We've had 50ml of rain in the last few days (in other words.....HEAPS)
....even broke the banks of the MacIntyre yesterday arvo.....

Had to drive hubby's 4wd to work to get through our driveway which was flooded.
Today has turned out gorgeous and sunny - just in time for Kate's soccer semi's - everything looks lifts the spirits and gladdens the heart.

Bring on Spring!
Father's Day....began with pressies in bed, then a BBQ picnic in the backyard.....

(notice the lawn mower in the background - we had to actually mow a spot to lay the rug out!
So RELAXING.......

Tuesday it was off to Tamworth (kid-free!) to see Powderfinger....

....which was totally awesome and had me wondering why we don't go to live shows more often.

Yesterday we celebrated Kate's 11th birthday...... excited about her purple iPod and alarm clock/docking station along with lots of other bits and pieces. This arvo we're off to the circus with a few of her friends.....great timing for a circus to come to town!
Mars Bar cheesecake in the fridge all ready for the occasion.

Managed to squeeze in 3 days of work in between. Phew! I'll be glad for tomorrow...(a sleep-in is on my agenda)....oh, hang on, Tim's asked me to help him re-clad the front of the house tomorrow! No rest for the wicked....


  1. Yay for GREEN!! And WATER!!

    Have a fab weekend with the birthday girl celebrations! xxx

  2. That before and after pic is priceless and I know EXACTLY how it feels.
    Loving all the other pics and LOL about mowing the lawn for a picnic spot, too cute.


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