Tuesday, August 3

Monday Musings

1. FINALLY saw....
.....on Sat night with my BF Linda.....yes, I am guessing we were most likely the last Twilight fans in Australia to actually see the movie.....but it did not disappoint! SO much better than New Moon (down right cringe-worthy that was!)....and don't you think Bella gets more beautiful with each instalment?
2. We've had a STACK of lovely rain.....the creek was flowing, yes FLOWING I tell you! Dams are filling, paddocks are greening.....wonderful wonderful stuff!

3. I really think I need these boots.....
....which are calling to me from the Shoe Shed.

4. I am practising my crocheting so that one day I can be clever enough to make these darling roses.....

5. I need to show you this....

......the layout I did a while back for a Whispers, so I could only give you a sneaky peak before.

6. Took the family plus two little extra tag-a-long friends (too bad the family pass doesn't cover 7) to see....

......what a whole heap of fun this was!  And two movies in one week!  (told you we've had a lot of rain)

7. I have a face-to-face class at Gum Flat this week using these......

......and lots of different handmade flower techniques. Will reveal more soon!

8. This photo makes me all warm and gooey inside.....

9. I am proud and excited to say I've lost 2.7kg since I started on a low-carb plan 3 weeks ago. Determined to be fabulous for my big 4-0 this year!

10. Got all domestic today on my day off.....potted some tulip bulbs, and planted up a big blue ceramic pot with parsley, rosemary and chives to sit outside my step.....sewed a curtain and cushion covers for the green and red room (Beth's and Mia's)......and a cooked a big pot of morrocan lentil soup......mmmmm!


  1. Every time I view your blog updates I am inspired. One day I hope to get to OZ and do a face to face class with you! Your pen lining rocks and I wish I could pull it off like you do.

  2. Well, I have to disagree with you about New Moon - loved that one too!

    But Eclipse was better. More of Jacob with his shirt off. Niiiiiice!!

    Am over the rain now, it can go away. Sooooo cold too. Brrrrrr.

    I want a pair of knee length black boots with a mid sized heal.... but I think I've left my run too late. Can't find any anywhere. Aaaarrrrghhhh.


  3. I was really disapointed with teh first 2, and really didnt want to see the third, but I cant believe how much of a difference there was!!! Now im excited to see the forth!!!

  4. You have been a busy bee! Love those boots btw, very sexy! You will be a fabulous forty, you are fabulous already! Just don't tell anyone you are my girl, I am too young to be Mum to a middle aged woman!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

    Love U xx

  5. Your crocheting is brilliant!! Just received the goodies you sent from the hop (including your crochet flowers)! Have some ideas for the bits you sent and can't wait to use them... thanks again! Robin

  6. Hiya Penny, Beck here, no, you arent the last twilight fan to go and see the movie.. I am waiting for DVD LOL> Wasnt the rain fab?!? you have been soo busy! well done!

  7. Love your post, so many great things there to think about. You sure have been a busy bee.

  8. Hey Pen, love your round up of happenings. I only saw the first two Twilight movies on DVD just before Eclipse came out (and that was only because I'd been invited to the midnight screening so I needed to catch up, LOL!) and I must say that I thought Eclipse was the best of the three so far.
    And those BOOTS... you have fab taste in shoes!! Very hot.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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