Monday, August 23

One happy girly

The girls are allowed to choose a musical instrument to learn when they are old enough to commit to practising (around 8/9).

This weekend it was Bethy's turn......'s such a lovely little guitar. And, as you can see - makes a certain Princess very happy indeed. A Taylor Swift in the making perhaps?

Now to organise the lessons......and fast! (not sure how long my eardrums can cope with Beth's unique brand of music....)
Busied myself finshing off Beth and Mimi's bedroom on the weekend....sewing cushions, buying the bright red velvet ottomans (the lid is squishy and cushiony - great for Mum to perch for the bedtime story, AND the lid lifts off - great for stashing books AND they were only $25 at Crazy Clarks!) and making up the beds with the new linen.....

....look at that - even the new guitar matches. Now to find a funky light fitting (and maybe a rug?) and it's finito!

A frantic week ahead....the girls have 3 different Eisteddfod performances I'll have to take time off work to get them to.....a Design Dollies layout due....a complete rubbish-tip of a scrap room I want to sort....a possible over night stay by my cousin.....a scrap class to run.....and four days at work.

Right now it's BUCKETING down rain and I have a little girl home from school sick. Why am I still on the computer?

Hope you have a great's something to make you smile....

Cya soonishly. xxx


  1. Luuurrrv the froggy!

    Hey, now Beth and Todd can play the Gitar together!!!!


  2. That room looks so cuddly, loving those pillows~

  3. The girls room looks fab! Can't wait to see it IRL! Yay Bessie for the guitar, we can soon have a family band going!

    Love the panda bum....cuteness!



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