Sunday, August 15


We have eggs!!!!

This is so exciting to us.
Because we were told our darling little Pekin chickens were very good pets....

but not the best layers.
All those cuddles, garden worms and love over the past 4 months has paid off!
Yeah, OK only 2 eggs....but it's a start! I have faith!

What to do with a sprouted choko?
Any ideas?
Would it grow into a vine if I planted it?

Remember the girl's bedroom makeover, and this groovy banner I made for it?

Well, here's a bit more progress....

....Tim built the cupboard and I bought the red baskets and sewed up a curtain to hide the hanging space. I love it! Such a great storage solution for a small room.

My girls are totally enthralled by this guy at the moment.....

...and spend large chunks of their time watching him on DVD eating disgusting things and risking his life in remote wildernesses.  Makes a change from Hannah Montana I have to say!

Hope your weekend was special!
Thanx for calling in.


  1. Plant the choko Pen, quick, get it in the ground! Sideways is the go I think.

    Love the new cupboard and those storage baskets are really groovy.

  2. Oh I forgot to eggcitement for Bessie to have googs!! Well done chookies. Extra worms for you this week!

  3. The girls' room looks great Pen! LOVE the green curtain!

    Can't stand Man VS Wild - he's a total shocker! UGH. And he is cruel to animals. Double UGH. I'd rather Hannah Montana!!



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