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Well hello there hoppers!  If you are following the Design Dollies trail and have just arrived from Kristy's Corner of the Studio...then you've come to the right place!
Welcome welcome!

If you are here by chance (or just because you love me).....then c'mon - jump on board the
Design Dollies Blog Hop Event!
At worst you'll get to surf the blogs of a group of ultra talented and very lovely scrappers....and at best you'll win a truckload of loot!

Now wonderful peoples, the main point of this hoppy adventure is to tell you more about the wonderful Design Dollies challenge blog...and of course, the fab team who puts it all together for you every week (3 times a week in fact!)....including Moi!

We've all created a special little Getting To Know Us project......and here is mine:

Now it's your turn. Up for a little game
Here's what you need to do:

1. List 5 things about YOU that most people wouldn't know;
2. Guess which doll in the Design Dollies title bar belongs to me (we have each selected our own dolly that we think represents us);
3. Leave comments at ALL the other Dolly's blogs, INCLUDING the main Design Dollies blog so we know you've completed the hop. (Even if you don't fancy playing all the other games/challenges on the other Dolly's blogs, you still need to visit them and leave a comment so you are eligible for the ones you do play along with.)

Everyone who plays (even if you don't guess my Dolly correctly), will be put in the draw for this yummy prize pack that includes some of my fave-est embies....

For an EXTRA prize I just know you're gonna want, become a Follower of Scissors Paper Pen, and you'll go into a second draw. Yay!
If you're already a Follower (bless you!) make sure you note that in your message to me.

No need to rush.  You have the whole weekend to complete the Blog Hop......
for us Aussies that's midday Monday,
and for our friends from the US, 10pm Sunday evening.

So stay a while, have a browse around, check out my BIO here (maybe pick up some clues to guess my Dolly), add me to your faves and keep on the look out for those fabulous
Colour, Sketch and Elements Challenges that each happen once a week at the Dollhouse.

To start at the beginning of our fantasmagorical Blog Hop.....or if you get lost......go here to the Design Dollies Blog for directions.

Have fun on your travels.....
NEXT STOP is Being Karen.....
say hi to her for me!



  1. What fun! Boing, boing, boing!

  2. Loving your amazing 'very Penny' layout! Hehe, love the choc-icecream comment, how old were you when you did that?

  3. Karen - ummm, I wish I could say I was a didn't-know-any-better kid. But I would have been about 24! What's worse, I was alone and trying to avoid a uni essay!

  4. Hiya Pen! Love the new page!
    Ok, 5 things no-one should know about me:
    1) I have a scar from being attacked by a low flying owl (ok silly things we do..)
    2) I love my purple and green sari silk skirt and try to wear it to everything possible, because its fun to wear!
    3) When I was in primary school, I loved salt'n'vinegar potato chips dipped in chocolate Yogo.(ok so I have outgrown that!)
    4) Secretly, one day I would love to drive a monster truck! Complete with jumping over derelict cars and caravans. ;)
    5)I belly dance everyday in the secrecy of my loungeroom, but only with the curtains down.. complete with the jingly belt!

    As to which dolly is Pen, well I would like to hazard a guess at the cutie in the polka dot dress!, the apple style clip in the hair seems very Penny!

    Love the blog hop! Will pop back in later

  5. What a fun hop!
    Ummmm, 5 things about me........
    1. My middle name is just truly aweful in this day and age, but was quite pretty when I was named "Gaye"
    2. I don't eat peas because I don't like the 'pop' they make in your mouth when you bite them.
    3. I don't eat corn for the fact that they also 'pop' and can be easily confused with peas once in my mouth
    4. I like washing the clothes, but I don't like folding and putting them away
    5. Some days I seriously contemplate giving away years and years of Uni to be a stay-at-home-mum.

    Well, that was a bit cathartic hey?!

  6. Your page is so bright and fun, just like you! Thanks for sharing Penny!

  7. GREAT layout Penny!! :) LOL, I eat ice cream like that all the time... Sad, I know... :) And Kiss at ten? Wow... :)

  8. haopping right along and having fun!
    5 things about me....
    I have 2 tattos
    I went bungy jumping.
    I do not eat crunchy foods.
    I am a nail biter
    I grew up in a log house.

    I think the little doll in the front with the flower is very penny-esque
    thanks for a great blog and hop!

  9. hello Penny! What a lovely blog!!!!

    Five things about me most would not know:
    1) I am addicted to everything fabric and scrappy!
    2) my favorite color is green, anyshade of it.
    3) I had blonde, pin straight hair as a yuongin'. Totally opposite of whaat I have now.
    4) I have 1 tattoo that I waited 30 years to get!
    5) I can't touch something with one side of my body without touching it on the other side too!

    So, Penny, are you the Babushka Doll?

  10. 5 Things About me:

    1. I stept in a ground nest when I was little, got over 200 stings from the bees.

    2. Met my husband while working overnights at Wal-mart.

    3. I once worked at Claires where I had to pierce ears.

    4. I worked at a Nature place and had to go collect little green beatles off of plants and count them for the DNR.

    5. I love to knit, learned how when I was just 5 years old.

    As for your dollie, I'm going to say the little one in front with the big flower in the hair.

    Oh and I'm now a follower.

  11. I'm guessing you are dolly #4!

    5 things--I like Elvis, love binturongs, eat pb and bananas, wear plaids a lot, and don't like painted nails.

    Cute LO!

  12. I'm a new follower--
    that way we BOTH have 33 followers now!

  13. Ok, I think you're the dolly in the yellow dress, don't know but that's my guess.

    5 things;
    1-I also ate a 1/2 gal of ice cream in one sitting. Yummy!
    2-I have a cat and a little doggie whom I love a ton!
    3-I am 1 of six sibblings/
    4-I {heart} choclate.
    5-I'm not done stamping until my hands are covered in ink, glue or paint; preferrably all of the above!!!


  14. Five things-
    1. I had a chicken tooth as a kid.
    2. I was pigeon toed and had to wear special shoes.
    3. I met my husband on an on-line dating site
    4. I used to feed a raccoon family who lived on our property
    5. I prefer the company of my cats to most people.

    I think your dollie is the one with black classes on.

    I just became a follower.

  15. Your LO is so fun and colorful, love it! Fun random facts too, yay for Kiss!

  16. Hi Penny! I'm so glad to be on the DT with you! I loved reading your random makes me smile.

  17. Nice to meet you Penny! I am guessing your dollies is the fourth from the left near the bottom. She's a cutie dollie!!

    Five things about me, huh?
    1. I live in NY, but am from OH
    2. I have a bachelor's in magazine publishing and layout
    3. My son was jaundice when he was born and spent the first few days under the lights
    4. I was Drama club president in h.s.
    5. My shoe size is 7.5

    OK, that was random! LOL!!

  18. I love your blog! So much pretty!

    Ok, 5 things most people don't know about me:
    1. I've never tried sushi - and have no desire to.
    2. My first concert was Olivia Newton-John when I was 9, I went with my mom.
    3. I don't have a favorite color - too hard to choose just one!
    4. I've lived in the same state my entire life.
    5. When I was pregnant, I had hard-core cravings for Burger King Whoppers and cream cheese jalepeno poppers.

    And I'm going to guess that your Dollie is the one in the center with the pink flower in her hair.

  19. Oh Penny the stupid thing won't work...I'm sick of typing it in and losing it before it processes.
    5 things:
    I was a naughty child
    I love to read
    I was asked to leave a high school
    I am the baby of my family
    I used to be a cheerleader (ROFL)

    I think your the paper doll up the innocent and country!

    Kerri G
    The follower function isn't working...never does for me???

  20. YEAH! Pen, this page turned out WONDERFUL, and i'm so pleased you're a Dollie! loved reading your random facts (mmm, you've got me craving ice cream, but the GOOD, high in fat, slow churned chocolate stuff, not low fat or yogurt!) - i won't say which dollie in the banner's yours, but i'll share my random facts!

    1 - i was our high school mascot (a jaguar) in my senior year
    2 - i had braces in my first year of college
    3 - i CANNOT wear the colour purple, unless it's cleverly disguised into a fun pattern (preferably with oranges or greens)
    4 - i love to wash dishes (ideally RIGHT after i finish serving up a meal)
    5 - i'm a little obsessed with Sudoku (and Kakuro, but that takes me longer and therefore i get impatient and go back to Sudoku!)

    loved reading your post, girlfriend, and glad to have you hoppin'!

  21. Hi Penny :-) I am a follower of your blog and love all your gorgeous creations :-) I think you are the doll 4th from left...

    Five random facts:
    1. I never iron either. Ever.
    2. My dream job is being a stay at home mum (and I have that job now YAY)
    3. I am living quite happily without my appendix
    4. My fav colour is pink (so I looovvvee your blog colour:-) )
    5. I hate high heels

  22. Thanks for sharing a bit of you with me (and the rest of blogland....hehehehe). It's SO fun to read your "5 things"....hubby wonders why I keep laughing out loud at my computer screen!

    Hey Kerry *waving*.....others have had the same prob today too. Sorry it's giving you a pain!

  23. Hi Pen

    I am a big time follower of your blog and would like to follow some of the others but Google won't let me leave comments for them! Grrr!

    5 things:

    I love Magnum ice cream
    In my younger days I worked as a serving wench at a Colonial style restaurant wearing a mob cap and long skirt.
    My fave zoo animal is the Sun Bear
    My cousin was a Bluebelle girl dancer at the Paris Lido in the 60s
    I like to drink Bundy rum and coke

    I think your dolly could be the cute little Babushka type one.

    Thanks for the fun blog hop.

  24. loving the blog hop:

    5 things about me:
    1)I have a phobia of jelly..feel ill just typing the word :(
    2)Got told in cinema if didn't stop laughing so loud would have to leave.
    3)Learnt to swim at 21.
    4)Cannot watch a tv series out of order.
    5)wish I could crochet

    I think your dolly is the one at front with large flower in her hair :)

    off to the next blog..what fun :)

  25. Ok first my guess is you are the dollie with the flower in your hir...I'm saying this because I have way wicked investigative skills and saw a flower in your hair in your profile photo :)

    Ok 5 things about me
    1. When I was younger I wanted to be an FBI Seriously. Even now I am hooked on forensic shows and books on serial killers. Dont mke me mad....just sayin :)
    2. I act tough and am really VERY insecure. I cover it with humor and everyone thinks I am so together when I am really such a mess that Springer won't even do am show on my life.
    3. I have bizarre tastes in music. By bizarre I mean one moment I could be listening to hard core twangy country and the next song on my playlist may be slipknot or zombie
    4. I am a SAHM to 5 boys....and am the ONLY chicky in the house. Life is tough when no one puts the stupid toilet seat down
    5. I do crossords in ink....not sure why

  26. Great layout Penny. Most people are choosing the Babushka doll but I'm drawn to the dollie in the polka dot dress. Guess we'll find out soon enough who's right?!
    5 things, eh?
    1- I too could easily eat a 2L tub of icecream in one sitting - especially Presidents Choice Chocolate Mint Crackle. Yum!!
    2- I was orphaned at 14.
    3- I lived in both Iran and Indonsia as a child (Dad kept choosing jobs in exotic countries!!)
    4- I LOVE to iron. Yup, I know this makes me certifiable but there is some weird satisfaction in seeing all those wrinkles subdue to me and lay flat!! (insert evil laugh here!!)
    5- I love a clean organized home but HATE to clean. will organize the heck out of anything though!!

    Thanks for the fun hop!!

  27. Oh, and I am now a follower! yay!!

  28. Hi! Love your post! I was already a follower. My guess is that you are the doll with the red dress, and the pink flower in the hair.

    Five things
    - I lived in Italy on 2002/2003 due to work at a pharmaceutical company. This was one of the best experience in my life. I will love to live in Europe, again someday.

    - I do not like the beach, and avoid as much as possible, even I live in a tropical island. I prefer the cooler weather from the mountains.

    - I drank between 4 to 6 cans of Diet Coke for almost 10 years, and I eliminated the addiction, now I drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee instead.

    - I dream to complete the NY marathon, before getting 45 years old.

    - When I was pregnant of my second child. I wanted another boy. People did not understand me, but I wanted two boys within close age.

  29. 1 I was in ballet for 14 years.
    2 I took golf lessons when I was younger
    3 I will not paint my finger nails because of my job.
    4 I could drink Captain & diet all day.
    5 I cannot walk in high heels so I refuse to wear them.

    I think the dollie in yellow is you.

  30. I love your LO - especially the way the butterfly is flying off the page.

    5 things not everyone knows about me...
    1. I once was a competitive synchronized swimmer
    2. I have a pin in my elbow form when I fell of my horse
    3. I grew up in Hong Kong
    4. i desperately want children but can't have them
    5. I LOVE Jason Isaacs!!

    I think your dollie is No.4 the Babushka doll because you say you like babushka dolls and it's colorful and it has a flower in it's hair!

    I became a follower!
    Thanks for a great blog hop!

  31. Hiya Penny Love your LO soo funky! Im a follower too now and here's 5 things about me!

    1) Im 25 years old
    2) got married at 20!
    3) I love ferrets!
    4) im only 5foot 1inchs!
    5) lastly my first abroad hol was in 2006!

    Now dont laugh! :P

    Sal xx

  32. Oh yeah i think your dollie is the funky chick on the left hand side! Sal xx

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi Penny,
    fab blog!
    Some random info.
    1)I used to sneak a can of cold mushroom soup to my room and eat it with a spoon out of the can when I younger.
    2)I worked as a tree thinner cutting trees with a big gas powered saw for two summers.
    3)I hate needles (and I am a nurse)
    4)I am afraid of the dark (but I manage.. he he)
    5)I don't like the thought of someone chewing on cloth... like someone with their sleeve in their mouth.. eeek!

    hmmm...I think you are the dolly with the glasses since you need them to scrap and read!

    All the best, your new follower Robin

  35. Hey Penny!
    I am alsao a follower! this blog hop is fantastic!
    Cheers Beck

  36. Hi Penny, I'm already a follower, and I think you're the babushka doll, too. Five things, hmmmm:

    1. I had a huge hernia removed when I was 13.

    2. I didn't get an epidural with any of my 3 kids, even though I sure wanted one!

    3. Not only was I a member of a sorority, I was the president!

    4. I wanted to be a stunt person when I grew up.

    5. I have dual Canadian/Australian citizenship, so I love to meet Aussies like yourself through blogland and hope to live there one day!

  37. I hate needles
    I love to drink british free trade tea while eating 2 or 3 cola flavored candies (do this few time a day)
    I love reptiles like snakes lizards and turtles
    I hate fly and i am so scared but I am married to a pilot and have to fly in order to get anywhere in a decent amount of time
    I repelled down the side of the parking structure at San Diego State when I was a student there... so illegal

  38. Here's a comment from Little Momma (Sorry chicky! Accidentally clicked Reject instead of Publish on your comment!)

    "Hi there :) passing thru on the DD blog hop! :)
    1:OK 5 things about me people might not know:
    1*I have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) 2* I am addicted to Alphas! 3* I would wear my flanney Pj's all day if i could :P 4* My fav colour is purple 5* I love cats

    2: I think you are the dolly with the flower in your hair:)

    3:Am currently blogg hopping to everyone to comment and became a follower thanks heaps:)"

  39. Holy dooley, look at all the comments on this blog entry!

    LOVED the 5 things LO, LOVED it even more when you mentioned me on there!! xxxxx

    5 things about me.....

    1. I have been bitten by a Bare-Nosed Wombat AND a Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat.

    2. I saw 1927 in concert.

    3. I saw a bloke with his finger cut off and it was hanging by a thread of skin.

    4. I was hit by a car when I was a wee tot and have a scar beside my left eye from it.

    5. I am addicted to wombats.


    ps - your dolly is the pink haired china doll with the lime green dress.

  40. oh, and another thing about me....

    I still have one baby tooth!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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