Sunday, July 18

Weekend crafting + a mini break

A quick little project I whipped up for Beth & Mia's bedroom....

.....if banners look cute on a scrapbook page, I figure they're gonna be super duper cute to brighten up a plain white blind!

Their new room is starting to come together....just the fun decorating part to do!  I want my next project to be little patchwork runners for the end of their beds.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a really easy and basic design for my first ever quilting attempt?

I can't believe I'm crocheting!
Not*very*wonderful flowers on a big chunky kid's crochet hook....but I'm doing it!  You have to promise you won't laugh at my efforts....

Last week we took a few days to visit the fam on the coast.
A rather big event to be celebrated.....

....Tim's birthday - and yes, that is a big old 40 on top of the cake!
More photos of various family members pigging out on cake and things....

Yum yum!

It's so cool the way the kids fall back into a close and easy friendship with their cousins even after months of being apart. They raided Grandma's closet and gave us an impromptu fashion show....totally hamming it up for the camera.....makes me laugh!

The 4 remaining puppies came along with us for the 7 hour trip as well....we decided their feeding regime was too much for the neighbour, plus Poppy had to be delivered to Mum....they were SO GOOD!

We managed to find a lovely new family for Sky while we were Sky is now Pebbles and lives with Wilma the Kelpie over the ranges....good bye Sky/Pebbles you cutie pie you!

Tim's Mum made him a scrapbook for his birthday....I love it so much....a gift not only for Tim but to our kids and future generations....oh what a beautiful baaaaaby!!! (And you gotta love BrylCream on a 3 year old...hehehe)

....and all this by a person who does NOT scrapbook! In fact, I think the exact words were "I HATE scrapbooking!" Thank you so much Grace, we are sure glad you endured the torture....the photos and memories inside will be treasured always.

A couple of pics of this weekend....Mia's little friend was here for her first ever sleepover (a little nervewracking, but thankfully no midnight dashes home to mum)....we piled everyone on the trailer to collect firewood....

...and check for new calves...this handsome little man is our first baby for 2010...

Kids back to school the day after tomorrow....then I guess it'll be a quick downhill slide toward Christmas! Yikes!


  1. oh Pennylope, I just LOVE this blog entry.... so full of colour and happy fotos!

    hApPy bIg bIrThDaY dEaR tIm!
    xxx from me and Toddie.


  2. Lovely to catch up with all the latest news and views of Sunnydale. I adore the bunting for the girls room. I can see that the coving is done too. Well done. I have heaps of quilting patterns you can have. Anyway, I thought that was MY job!!!


  3. Lovely pics Penny!!! AND the crochet flowers are ADORABLE!! :)


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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