Friday, July 2

Dollies Gig Begins!

My first layout for Design Dollies is up on the site, along with an intro for all the new Dollies......yaaaaay!!!

My first challenge was of the sketchy kind (you know how I loooove sketches) 'tis:
....the brackets make perfect little waves to carry on the beach theme, don't you think?

This is the sketch I had to play with by the delightful Kristy (one of the founding Dollies)....

I really hope you all play along too!!!

OMGoodness it's been cold, hasn't it!
Woke to a very chilly but BEAUTIFUL sight on Tusday morning....the sun rising over icy paddocks....

Family news:
A certain someone turned SIX yesterday.....

All she wanted was a digital camera (wonder where she gets that from......)
and of course her wish was granted....

How cute is it? It's a funky hot-pink Fujifilm...has just as many great features as my big one and fits in your pocket! May just have to "borrow" it.....hehehe.

My children kinda EXPECT a home-baked cake each birthday.
For Kate one year I bought one from a very accomplished cake decorating lady - it was really very nice - and Kate was sooooooooo upset!!!
Stayed up until midnight on the eve of Mimi's day to make this....

....a rather funny-looking pot-bellied bear with scary eyes.....
She thought it was WONDERFUL!
And it must have tasted OK too - the cake-board came home from school completely clean.

Be happy! It's FRIDAY, people!!
Cya soon xxx


  1. Happy, happy birthday to my darling Mimi Rose! The pot bellied bear cake looks kinda cute, and obviously the kids all loved it! Big effort from Mummy!

    The DD page looks great! I love how you have made the surf with ric rac, brackets and pearls. Very creative! xxx

  2. I so love your cake making skills Pen. Can you do a wombat???



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