Friday, March 13

In the blink of an eye...

...another month has snuck by without me noticing. What the heck have we done? Hmmm, must have been quite a bit - cos it's all a blur!!! I did manage to scrap (most importantly!), a few of which I'll share with you in a sec. Another few have been accepted for publication, so I can't show you those ones just yet, but it makes me happy that I've made the effort to start submitting once again. This Wednesday just gone, I held my monthly workshop at Gum Flat. Here are my lovely ladies with their creations. Sorry, can't show you mine - but you'll see it in SM mag in a few months time!
Lee & Libet
Was show time at Inverell at the end of Feb, and Kate and I decided to enter a few of our handicrafts. I won some ribbons in the scrapbooking. Kate got prizes for scrapbooking and a mosaic tile she made, and for her teddy and doll she entered in the "collector's corner", but was MOST proud of this.... Of course, now that she's an award-winning cook, I'll be passing all cooking duties over to her from now on! Had some fun over at Scrapwitch with a few of their challenges: Today's to do list: + read with the kids (have Bethy at home sick today) + bake some mini quiches + tidy the mountain of paperwork that always seems to materialise on the dining table evey week + mend Beth's fave top + hem a school uniform + vacuum Sheesh! Already half a day gone! Bye!

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  1. You are amazing!! And you turn out some pretty good Scrapping on top of it all!! Love the SW LOs and the Gum Flat girls are on a roll as usual!

    Tell Kate she can make me a choccy cake any day! YUM!!


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