Saturday, February 14

Oh so welcome...

...the rain that is! It has finally rained for the second time this year! Everything looks so much the better for it - the paddocks, the tanks, the crops AND most importantly, farmer hubby's demeanour... Even Diggy Dog looks happy! Yesterday I found these rainy day pictures from '06 that needed scrapping: And I also finished off Kate's Happy Thoughts mini album: She is a terible worry-wort, especially when trying to fall asleep - so this little album full of positive affirmations is made just for her. For all those who celebrate the 14th of Feb, Happy St Valentine's Day!! And thanks for passing through. xxx


  1. I have a 14 yr old worry wort Penny. She is getting better as she gets older. I love the idea of the thoughts book you have done. Always loving your ideas! Have a great weekend.

  2. Penny I just love that little book you have made for Kate. If you pop on over to scrapawhile and check out my album. You will see I have made three hangers for my girls to give to their friends. I am in to the Off The Page stuff now and loving it. This cool idea is great. Luv Bron xxxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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