Friday, February 6

Gum Flat Girls are Back....

...for their first class for 2009! I tell you - they are getting so talented! They are not going to need me at all soon. Wednesday night we did the same class I ran online at Scrapwitch in Dec/Jan - the layout of course, being based on one of Jen Hall's Octoberfest designs, but with all elements hand drawn and cut from good old cardstock. I'm so proud of their freehand scallops and doodling - you should see them - these days they just go for it without batting an eyelid! Once upon a time there would have been a chorus of moaning and grumbling... Here are the girls with their masterpieces: Gloria Libet & Trace Jane & Katrina Deb & Lisa H Lee & Lisa W Spent some time with the horses this morning - before the scorching heat hit. They were soooo dusty! Have made the decision to sell them both (sniff!) - it will be hard to see them go. Here's our spunky boy Rudolph: ...and the beautiful but snooty Hannah: Here's hoping we can find them nice new families to love. Must go and get my beauty sleep. Ta ta for now! xxx


  1. Hey Penny, you've been photo-tagged! Come check out my blog for details.

  2. Hi Penny, sorry if this is a pain, but it's kinda fun to see what everyone comes up with! You can thank Melissa over at snip,snap,crop... she's the one who got me!! lol.

    Go into your pictures file on your computer, and pick the sixth file, then choose the 6th picture inside that file and post it! Then challenge 6 more people,

  3. Hi - I found your Blog from Pip. I think I used to work with Tracey - one of the girls in your class. I work for NAB in Moree - small world. Say hi to her for me. Marianne Pollock.

  4. The Gum Flat girls are doing a marvellous job as usual. You must be a great teacher, Pen!! xxx


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