Thursday, January 29

...and fun was had by all

I travelled back home for my high school reunion on the weekend! Bit dubious about going at first...but SO glad I did. Everyone was genuinely happy to see other and catch up on the last 20 years (OMG - 20 years!!!), swap photos of their kids and reminisce about the good old days. It also doesn't hurt to be told you still look 18.....very sweet, but stretching the truth a wee bit! LOL! There's me (with the handbag) and a few of the girls, looking rather merry! Kind of a surprise family reunion too while Gran turned 94 and a whole heap of rellies turned up for it, including cousins I haven't seen for years and even an uncle from the UK. But poor Gran ended up in hospital and completely missed the party we threw for her! A combination of a tummy bug and the extreme heat knocked her for six. A couple of days later, though, she was sitting up in bed...leopard print nightie and the nurses cheek. Isn't she gorgeous! Back to school yesterday! I love it....the kids are always so excited....I like the comfort of a routine (however hectic!)....and the start of all the after school activities. HAD to snap their brand new blindingly white shoes before the girls hopped on the bus. You just know they will never be the same way again.... Oh, and here's a layout for you - in my fave colour combo of the minute...purple, turquoise blue and lime green. Little Miss Mia is famous for her apple fettish - she has MANY more than one a day! Thanks for dropping by. Happy days! xxx


  1. A great photo of Gran, love the pix of the kid's white shoes on the first day back at school, the friends reunion and the gorgeous Mimi with apples LO!

    It was a good weekend with all the family, shame Gran missed out on her party!

  2. Granny is just too too gorg in her groovy jammies!



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