Monday, January 19

Happy Campers

Here's what we got up to this weekend........... ......and it was bliss! That's big coming from a non-camping person like myself! But isn't it beautiful! Everywhere I turned a photo awaited. The swimming was gorgeous - water temp was perfect, calm and still - even waterfalls to explore. And so peaceful! Hardly anyone else about. The previous two pics were taken at a heavenly spot that we had all to ourselves for the entire morning! This magical camping ground is Lemon Tree Flat in Kwiambal National Park, a little over an hours drive from our place. We'll be back for sure! I've a few layouts to share..........when you have heaps of pics to scrap - doubles rule!!! See you next time! xxx


  1. Pen, that place looks idyllic... wish I knew of spots here in WA like that. They remind me of camping with mum and dad when I was a kid, always gorgeous rivers like that! Glad it turned out to be a treat for you instead of 'boring old camping' LOL!!

  2. Beautiful scenery Pen! You know, if it wasn't for those funny looking trees and the sandy soil, that could almost be Eastern Canada. Makes me wish for summer!

  3. What fun! You must take me there one day, looks like a heavenly spot. Such a great way to spend a you remember any of our camping trips when you were little?

    Love the double LOs too!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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