Thursday, December 6

Xmas Challenge + News

Up for a Christmassy scrappy activity?
Then pop over to Show Us Your Stuff - I think you'll love this month's challenge.
Here's my sample:

As much as the girls loved building our Gingerbread House last year - not sure I'd tackle it again. Got ourselves into a right old mess with lollies sliding off everywhere!

Heaps has been happening since I last posted. Let's see.....

BIG news is this:

Kate received an Outstanding Achievement award (for placing highly in more than 5 subjects) at her high school presentation this week.....and.....
Dux of Year 7!!!!

Bethany did a gorgeous performance of "Apache" at her guitar concert.
First time being asked to perform solo for this concert.
She's playing her brand new guitar - it's beautiful!

We gave in to Mia's pleading for a "kitten of my own" after her friend's cat had a litter.
Half pure-bred posh Burmese and half feral cat - oh my lordy!!!

Very cute though - and affectionate and cheeky as all baby animals are!
Climbing on the furniture.....and people's shoulders.....and my keyboard while I'm typing.....are favourite activities of his.

 "Whiskey" is his name. Love his snow white whiskers!

LOL'ed at Carl Barron when he came to Inverell with his "One Ended Stick" show.
He doesn't even have to be telling a joke and he cracks me up!

What else? Oh yeah. It has been ultra HOT.
Cooled off at Copeton Dam the other weekend with a bunch of Mia's friends....

A bobcat was here yesterday digging up the place.
Yes - more home improvements happening!

Beth, Mia and friend dressed up for the final Bluelight Disco of 2012....
John Travolta eat your heart out.

Life drawing works from my Art Class I'm still attending every Saturday....

Xmas shopping comely along nicely.
End of year concerts and things already started.
More to come.
Everyone is tired.
Everyone is crankier than usual.
It is hot.
So hot.

I. Think. It's. Beginning. To. Feel. A. Lot. Like. Christmas.


  1. Oh I just love that page - the gingy house is adorable!! I had no idea they were so tricky ... I really wanted to get one this year for the kids, but I got Christmas tree bikkies to decorate instead LOL ... easier!!! Lovely drawings - you are so talented!! And, oh yes, it's hot here too ...
    Bring on christmas!!!!

  2. Good on you Kate - Congratulations. Lucky you Penny getting home improvements

  3. Love the LO, Pen and the family pix..........congratulations to our gorgeous and talented girls! xxxx


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