Tuesday, November 6

The C-Word

I have been completely and blissfully oblivious to the C-Word.
Until now.
A kind and thoughtful person informed me today there is just over 6 WEEKS until CHRISTMAS.

Panic stations!

All those crafty Christmas-y projects I optimistically told myself I would tackle.
Will this be yet another year I don't get around to them?
Will I find time to be the ORGANISED and CLEVER mum I know deep down I could be?
Is it too late to start?

Has Xmas crept up on you too?
Are you anywhere close to prepared?
What's on your "Perfect Xmas" wish list?

1 comment:

  1. My perfect Christmas is to be around my family, sharing a laugh, a wine, and some good food. We might be short on money but we have plenty of love!


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