Sunday, July 22

Dot Coms I Love

1. Donna Hay Recipe Search

Feeling uninspired in the kitchen? Haven't a clue what to cook for tea tonight? Days like this I call up my good buddy (it's true.....she just doesn't know it) Donna Hay's site, type in a bunch of ingredients I have on hand, and see what Donna suggests!

Last night I typed in chicken, ginger, coriander and noodles.....and ta-da!

Half and hour later we were tucking into a yummy meal and I had a new recipe to add to my repertoire.

Donna Hay is just fantastic - the undisputed Queen of Simple, Healthy and Delicious!

2. Styling You

Nikki Parkinson's fashion and beauty advice is AWESOME.
Why do I love her so much? A......she's Aussie, B........she's around my size and shape (ie not a skinny stick), C......the clothes and products she talks about are actually affordable for the average person and D......I can't get enough of her So You Want to Dress Like Nina Proudman articles....

3. Good Reads

If you love books, this one is a must! Here I keep a track of what I've read, browse reviews and write my own, chat about books with other book worms, see what other people are loving, make a list of what I want to read next.

It's also fun to check out the Listopia section. See what's made it on the Best Books of All Time, Books That Should Be Made into Movies, or how about Romance Novels That Jerked the Tears Right Out Of Ya!

4. They Draw & Cook

This site inspires me no end. Food and Art merged into one.....too fabulous for words!
Just take a look at some of these amazing "recipes as art" then go check out the site for yourself.

5. Making Australia Happy

"Choose Happiness" may sound like something from a Wham revival, but research shows that 40% of the happiness pie chart is entirely within our power to control........we can influence our happiness through what we do and how we think. Just as we train the body to keep below our "set points" for weight, we can rise above our happiness set points.

I came across this site while researching MINDFULNESS - which is something I try to achieve in my own life. Try it yourself!

The site has heaps of ideas and activities to give you control over your own happiness.

6. Kids-In-Mind Movie Reviews

The amount of profanity, sex and violence at the cinema these days gives this protective mother the horrors! Kids-in-mind is the best friend I consult before deciding to let my girls see a movie, especially now that Kate believes she is old enough for M's. Let me tell you, many a day out with friends has been thwarted by this practice - but when it comes to monitoring what our kids are exposed to, we can never be too vigilant.

The site rates all the latest movies, as well as a huge catalogue of older movies you may potentially hire on DVD, giving a detailed account of every scene that may contain stuff you don't want your little darlings seeing.

Now it's your turn - what are your fave hangouts on the www?


  1. TFS...might have a peek at these on the way to work tomorrow morning on the train!!!

  2. Interesting to see your faves, Pen. I have joined Goodreads, at your suggestion.

    My fave page on the web is Scissors, Paper, Pen! xx


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