Tuesday, August 14

A weekend to reminisce

I was so happy to revisit NEWCASTLE the other weekend.

I moved there at age 19 as a second year uni student (to this country girl it really was "the big smoke") - and left 4 years later as a career girl and newlywed. I worked days, partied nights and on weekends spent all my wages shopping! No mortgage, no kids, no responsibilities......oh those were the days!  

Was fun driving around showing the girls our old haunts - first apartment, fave restaurants, the foreshore, where we shopped and where we spent our time.

We went for State Gymnastics - Kate made the team for North West by default, there not being enough competitors in our area to hold trials at zone or regional level. So there she was - her very first competition - carrying the banner as the lone NorthWest rep - in the midst of the best high school gymnasts in the state!  

Was she worried? Was she shy? I would have been petrified! But not our Kate. She took it all in her stride, chatting to the other girls, doing her thing and performing her best. Amazing girl. So proud of her!

We braved the cold and took the fam to the footy on Saturday night - Knights (Tim's team) vs Bulldogs. Had great seats and got caught up in the atmosphere - while we watched the Knights get smashed! 

Bessie and Tim:

 Mia was impressed by the Cheerleaders (did I tell you she started Cheer classes this year?)

 Close to the action: 

Thanks for popping by.
I'll be back soon with some new drawings and what's been cooking in my kitchen!


  1. The weekend in Newcastle was great! Brought back lots of happy and not so happy memories. Thanks for having us oldies along for the ride! xxx

    Kate looks gorgeous in her leotard, she is a star in my eyes! xx

  2. Almost down in our part of the world! Looks a fun weekend. Business & pleasure of sorts!!! My 2 boys work up there & the eldest went to uni there. Followed in your footsteps by all accounts. Lots of partying. Not much study for a long while!!! It's a nice city, these days, I think:):):)


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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