Monday, September 5

Pausing to catch my breath

....and catch you up on all that's been going on in our household this past month. CRAZY BUSY does not even describe our August!

1. My rusty-nail-through-the-foot experience was most week bed rest, three doctor visits and 5 weeks later, it's healed enough this week for me to walk upright without any sign of a limp.

2. Armidale for the New England/North Coast Multicultural Public Speaking Competition - Kate was representing the Inverell area with her speech on Asylum Seekers. She did so well, but came unstuck on the dreaded impromptu. This is the first year she has put her hand up for public speaking - and we were so very proud of her!

3. A quick dash (well, a 5 and a half hour hike) to the coast to see my dear Gran who is in hospital with kidney failure. At almost 97 we were worried at the state we would find her -  but as usual she amazed us all with her quick wit and cheekiness. Underneath all the bravado, she really is very sick....GET WELL SOON GRANNY!

4. As soon as we returned it was all systems go with the Inverell Speech & Music Eisteddfod. Our Bethy, looking extra cute in her country get up, did a gorgeous solo on her guitar - her first - and not even a loud siren screeching by in the middle of her piece could distract her concentration!

5. That same day Kate was off to Tamworth for the Regional Athletics, having qualified for the 800m and the 4x100 relay. Despite being called to the start of the relay directly from the 800m finish line (gasp!) her team went like lightning to get 2nd place and are now headed to Sydney Olympic Park for the State Athletics!  A dream come true for Katie Belle!

6. The very next day, fighting off a cold, Kate was on stage with her clarinet at Eisteddfod, winning a swag of awards including Junior Instrumental Champion. If only I had half her energy and determination.....

7. A few days later it was back on the same stage for Kate's Dance Concert....three nights in a row of rehearsals and performances.....

8. Relaxation time at last! Which included a visit from Mum bearing gifts and stories of her European tour, a quiet fish at a local dam.....

....and a hot stone massage for me.....BLISS!

Oh between organising and ferrying children here there and everywhere.....I did actually work 4 days a week and get a promotion to boot!

And I created this for the SUYS August Quote Challenge.....

Do you like my little air-dry clay cloud and bone (my handmade items for this month)?

So you see my friends, my blogging time has been rudely interrupted by life, and I do apologise for that. Let's see how September is looking.....
  • Book week projects and costumes
  • Soccer grand final
  • Catering for Technology Camp
  • Kate's 12th birthday
  • Bike Day at school
  • Yamba camping holiday
Ummmm.......hope to see you around soon!!!

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  1. Well dear cyberfriend you are forgiven. Reading your blog reminds me of when my kids were the age of your family. Had a smile, the athletes, musicians, dancing etc and then throw in a soccer game for club and then school. What a month, glad that your foot is finally on the mend but I have missed your blogging. I do believe you life will get crazier as the end of the year approaches so I am just grateful for whatever little bit of time you get to blog. Take care and thanks for sharing another crazy month in the life of the hackney family with us.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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