Monday, August 1

Lesson learnt...

.....crocs are not suitable footwear for fetching firewood from the wood shed.
Big rusty nails go straight through and cause excruciating pain. Owwwey!!!!!

If I could walk, I would go down and take a photo of the nasty culprit to show was a bigg-un! Tetanus booster done, now on antibiotics, strong pain killers and instructed to keep my foot elevated.....(we all know how impossible that is in a busy household)!

To cheer myself up a bit I might go and make a birthday card for my lovely sister in law using these gorgeous butterflies I made.....

So cute! They are for the new monthly technique feature I'm running over at SUYS.....check it out!

Sorry for the slackness of my blog updates lately. I will do better I promise!

Big shout out to MUM (who's having a wonderful adventure in Europe....jealous!), JOY (yes, I'm still here!) and LINDA (miss you!)



  1. Geez, I wear my crocs outside all the time, will have a rethink about that now. I can feel the pain of it all the way up here, hope it is getting easier for you. Probably that darn needle hurt more than the nail.
    Love the butterflies. Might even have a go at them myself. Miss you classes that you use to do. Getting ready to go on holidays at the end of Sept. Trying to scrap up a storm. Take care

  2. Hello my darling, I am back from the travels.....what a super time we had, and I can hardly wait to see you all and show you the 955 photos that I took!
    Those little butterflies are superb, good idea to use them for bd cards.
    Take care of that sore foot and remember to wear your boots to the woodpile in future! Love you! xxx

  3. Dearest Pennylope.

    I've finally got my desktop computer set up. YAY!!

    And have just had the chance to pop in here to see what you're doing.

    OUCHY! You're poor foot. I hope it's on the mend by now????

    I miss you too! Can't wait til September.

    love a lot

  4. OUCH penny...ya that would HURT!!!!!

    lol i get the fire wood in my jandals.... lol

    anyway thanks for popping by and yes The BFG is a bit of a hard one... i looked at the cover of the book and just tried to match what the BFG was wearing and i even went all out for the big ears but holly decided that would not be cool at
    good luck



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