Saturday, September 4

Who Doesn't Love to Dress Up!

After a big weekend of planning and sewing, the girls excitedly underwent their transformations for their school Book Week Parade last Wednesday......

GRUG (aka Mia) from The Grug books by Ted Prior

JANE VOLTURI (aka Bethany) from the Twilight saga

MORDONNA FLOOD (aka Kate) from The Floods series by Colin Thompson

Naturally I organised the morning off work to be there....I wouldn't miss it for the world!
It's the funnest day on the school fave part is when they crank up "I'm A Believer" on the stereo and the whole school makes a conga line behind Miss Angel (the girl's adorable infants teacher) and dances around the playground with all the mums and dads clapping and cheering.

Speaking of BOOKS, since my last reading update I've finished....


....and now I'm quarter of the way into....

....this Millennium series really gets you in. Completely different to what I would normally choose, but I'm loving these books so much!

Enjoy Dad's Day tomorrow....ours looks to be a very damp and rainy one!
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  1. The girls look adorable in their book week costumes. Well done Mum! Although I am not sure that Beth and Kate are scary enough to be vampires and witches! They are altogether too cute.

  2. Love the costumes, the girls look fantastic, but i agree way to sweet to look scarey. Gives me some ideas for the upcoming halloween celebrations though. I have been toying with reading those books too, so I think I will just get started.

  3. I love Grugmia!!



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