Tuesday, June 8

A new layout + other happenings

Played with the latest Pencil Lines sketch today.....
Pics of my trampoline-aholic Kate.
Journalling says:
"I swear you've spent half your life airbourne!"

Zoomed in.....(no Thickers in the right colour so I cut out some fun foam for the lettering & dontcha love the froggy brad by Imaginisce)....

We've had rain for the last week! I'm talking decent soaking rain.  This was SO long coming and VERY unusual for this time of year here....we are extra grateful for the puddles in the dams and the greenery in the paddocks!

A tip: NEVER get your plantar warts removed in Wintertime!  It's been 2 weeks and I still can't fit into my shoe.  A little nippy in the toe area.  A bedsock and a man-sandal is my footwear of necessity right now.....fuuuuunnk-y!!!

Winter is ultra busy in the Hackney household with sporty things happening....

Fun Run.....that's Mimi out the front running her first ever race....

Soccer......Beth & Mia were happy to be under 8's team mates....

Mia decided to have a go at goalie for the final match of the carnival.....eeeeek!  So nerve wracking!

Zone Cross Country for Kate.......she came 2nd and is now off to the regionals later this month.

In the middle of all this Mum and my brother Tim came to visit to celebrate Bethie's 8th birthday (and also Tim's the next day!)........I made her an ice cream cake of course (what else would you want on the coldest wettest most miserable kind of a weekend???)

Finally, I have some more puppy pics for you to go gaga over.....taken today, at 5 weeks of age.....they all have names now.

This is Sky.....

Bertha (eyes open) using Paddy as a body pillow....

Poppy - looking hopeful.....

Dale hogging the ball.....

We also have Sunny....but she is such a cheeky livewire.....all the photos I have are of her racing off the edge of the shot in a blur!

Happy days to everyone.


  1. Those puppies are far far far too cute!! though not as sweet as your birthday girl! love the layout ! those letters look fantastic!

  2. Wot a busy few days you've had!

    The puppies are SOOOOOO cute! I like Poppy! Reminds me of Zuki!

    Have you noticed that all my sentences end with an exclamation mark?!?!?


  3. Awwww........the pups are looking so adorable!!!

    How about those gorgeous girls, so athletic and strong with the fun runs, cross country and soccer! Little Mia looks like she is going to be big competition for her sisters!

    Love the trampoline LO! xxx


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