Sunday, June 27

Crepe Paper Ribbon and Trims

Taking part in Gigi Kennedy's Crepe Paper Ribbon & Trims class at - 3 layouts plus lots of cute mini her style......heaps of tricks and tips.......having fun!

Here's my Layout One.....

.....and a little bit closer....

The latest on the Pups....
we said bye bye to our beautiful boy Dale on Thursday....

.....who knew it would be so hard?
He went to a gorgeous older couple....he snuggled happily into their arms and off he went.

They are growing so big now - and CHEEKY as the devil!
Not quite as "puppyish"....but still SO cute!

Bit of a photo shoot with the girl-pups yesterday....
we were going for the muddy wet-dog





Lots going on over at Design Dollies....
Start my DT stint next Thursday the 1st.
Be sure to look out for my first layout!

Happy Sunday.

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  1. gah! the hearts!!! LOVE the hearts!!

    it looks so fabulous!


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