Thursday, December 10

Speed scrapping & Mia's important day

I whipped up this page in under an hour today (incredibly speedy for me......)

...I like the circley bits.....simply scribbles on white cardstock, cut out.  And I added colour to my cardboard thickers with a quick swipe of inkpad.  Done!  When I showed Beth, she said she doesn't remember me taking the wonder.....look how totally engrossed she is in that tomato sauce-covered dish!

Finally got around to scrapping our October happenings....close up.....

....and the whole layout.......'s fun to combine those odd leftover photos on the one double layout as a kind of 'monthly review'.  November is next on the list.

Ballet concert is in full swing.  Four performances down (since Tuesday!) and four more to go.  It all ends Sat night with the big presentation.  We will all be totally wiped out by the end of it.

Here are my two beauties in their makeup just before leaving the house....

....(remember my other beauty has switched from ballet to karate this year!!)  And here they are in costume ready to go.......

.....the production is Cinderella.....Mia is a Night Fairy who leads Cinderella home after the clock strikes 12.....Kate is one of the Townsfolk and is involved in two different scenes.

Mimi is dreadfully impressed to be in a cute are her golden wings and tiara?

A huge day for Mia today....following her ballet performance this morning, she arrived late to preschool for her final day EVER.....we brought along a plate of 'Reindeers' to share.....

......had icy poles outside in the shade, then the mums and dads chatted while watching the kids play happily....

.....a lovely way to spend an afternoon, delighting in the way my little girl has grown - not just in size, but in confidence and sense of self.  Was kind of a sad moment to say goodbye to preschool - but also exciting knowing that this little person has a big and happy future ahead.

Nite nite.


  1. Your girls look beautiful Penny. On F&C I 1st thought the background was painted and the spots were left with a mask. Your layouts are really great.

  2. Love the Fish & Chips LO. Love that Chilli and I got a mention in your October LO but don't love that Chilli's foto got in but mine didn't. :oP Love the girls in their ballet get up.


  3. How gorgeous are my ballerinas? Mimi makes the perfect fairy, and Kate looks so grown up! Wish i could have been there to see the concert.........

    It is hard to believe that little Mia is off to big school soon, (I had to have a little cry) where did those years go?

    Love to you all, Mum

  4. Hi! thanks for your comment on my blog. I do love that Tractor layout too. It took me an absolute age to make, so it's nust as well ;)

    I adore your fish and chips layout - clever idea with those white cardstock circles, and I love the coloured title and buttons.


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