Saturday, December 5

Come one and all...

Hey you!
Just this minute finished running an online class at the Scrapawhile forum.  Want to see?

The ladies are busily cutting, pasting and sewing as we speak!

The steps are here and are open to all and sundry to come and have a go whenever you get the urge.
There are still some kits available to purchase for $10 (see the Scrapawhile shop), or you can use your own stash.

If you do decide to play, please share your page with me!  Either upload to the gallery given in the tutorial, or just email it to me.  Pretty please?  It's the best part of the whole experience.....for me anyhow!

Have lots to catch up on, so I will post again soon.
Night night for now.


  1. SO sorry I missed your class, PJ. Was so looking forward to it. Am now back at Fourth Crossing and about to start packing up. :o(

    Will do your class when I get back.


  2. I so enjoyed doing this online class, Pen, and you are so generous sharing your time and your talent. I am totally chuffed with how my page turned out. Thankyou darling. Love you.xx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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