Friday, February 15

What's in a name?

How silly! I spent ages trying to come up with a name for my blog. Scissors, paper...pen "Scissors paper rock" is a familiar chant around this house. The girls love to play it, even 3 year old (Mia) knows it well - OK, so she cheats a little.... I substituted rock for "pen" - the name my friends call me, and my most fave scrapping tool in the world!!! I love my doodling!!! Scissors and paper - add them, and you have my three essentials for creating a scrapbook page. I love product as much as the next scrapper, but I reckon I'm at my most creative when I restrict myself to these 3 basics. Give it a go sometime!


  1. Well done on your blog Penny. I love your title. Did you create this yourself and upload it or create it on the net? (I am very new to the blog thing so I have no idea how it Just want to sya that I lve your work and I agree with you 100%. Yay pens.

    Best Wishes

  2. Hooray Penny!! This is fantastic and looks spectacular. You are absolutely amazing and I'm thrilled that I can keep up with all the scrapbooking you are doing and what is new in your world.
    Welcome to the world of blog and again, well done!

  3. Well done Penny!! Just love it!! Look forward to more!

  4. Well done Penny on the creation of your very own blog! I love the title and it is very apt.

    You are amazing! I love you!!

    MUM xxx

  5. Excellent name and excellent site, Penny-lope.

    Very proud of you, indeed.

    lotsa love,


  6. Well done for taking the plunge Penny and setting up your blog.
    Just LOVE LOVE the name you chose.
    Cheers Jules (SW)


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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