Friday, February 15

SM People's Choice Awards - VOTE FOR ME!

...if you feel so inclined of course!

So thrilled to be nominated for this (so is Bethany!) Congrats to all the other lovely ladies nominated.

Vote by going to the Scrapbooking Memories website here and you could win some great prizes yourself!

"Bubblegum" Scrapbooking Memories Vol 9 No 5


  1. My gorgeous friend Angela BB left this comment on my slide show: "Absolutely gorgeoue Pen, I`m so proud of you when we started together... you make me jealous that you make the time to inspires me to do more love ange kiss those little girls for me"

  2. I so love this Bubblegum LO, Pen, it shows Bessie's cheeky nature so well.

    So proud of you being nominated for the SM People's Choice Awards -if it were down to me you'd be winning an award every week!

    Love always, MUM xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Penny-lope,

    Just voted for you. I think your work is absolutely beautiful. Well done you.


  4. Good on you Pen you soo deserve it. With three most adoring and gorgeous kids to incorporate into your pages how could you go wrong. Fantastic. Bron

  5. Congrats Penny - I have of course voted for you.
    When do they announce the winnners?

  6. Thanks so much girls for your lovely comments - and for voting for me! I'm stoked.
    Jules - the competition closes 14th March. The mag says 30th Nov 07 but it's wrong!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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