Friday, February 15

Welcome to my Blog!

Hooray! Here I am! I've finally joined the world of blog! Have no idea what I'm doing, mind please bear with me while I'm on my L's. It's taken me a while to go ahead and start up my blog. Why? One: I'm already so busy with the farm, running around after the girls, and occasionally actual scrapping. Two: My darling hubby thinks I already spend WAY too much time on the computer. Three: I wonder if I really have anything interesting to say!!! But here I am anyway! Let's be straight about one thing though - you won't be seeing every little boring detail about my life on here. I want my blog to be dedicated to my craft, my art, my passion, my addiction that is SCRAPBOOKING. I'm here to share my scrapbooking journey with you - my layouts, my ideas, my creativity and my art - to inform and inspire others and to grow and challenge myself. Enjoy!

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  1. For someone on your blog L's, you are doing marvellously! I am congratulating myself on being able to find my way around it and leave you some comments!! I even got the slideshow thingy to work.

    I am so DOH!!!

    Love MUM xxx


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