Friday, June 8

New Look

How to occupy self on day off (and avoid housework):

1. Teach yourself Photoshop on YouTube
2. Make a new Blog Header using this new skill
3. Decide rest of Blog needs snazzifying to match new Header

3 hours later....ta-da!!!

Hey - I have to point out my latest creation that I decided deserved a place in my new header:

My beautiful middly princess Bethany turned 10 last week....double digits....growing fast!
So all this week I worked on a portrait for her.

After my last attempt I gained a bit of confidence and off I went!

Here is the photo I worked from:

You have no idea how the mouth and teeth can change the whole look of a person if drawn wrong!
I worked on Beth's smile for D-A-Y-S.
Flabbergasted and ready to give up, I turned to my trusty copy of Drawing On The Right Side of The  Brain by Betty Edwards.
Her wise advice? Turn the whole thing upside down!
Apparently it stops you from seeing the object as you think it should be and makes you see it as just lines, shapes and shadows.
I'm happy to tell you, my right brain did not let me down.

That's all!


  1. Wow! That portrait is gorgeous. Your Bethany is one lucky ducklet. The new blog header and snazzy colour changes etc look lovely. I lvoe changing my blog around but it takes me so much longer than 3 hours so I try not to do it too often;)

  2. Happy Birthday Bethany (for last week). You did a great job on the portrait too Penny.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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