Tuesday, June 19

Death Trap

The trusty quad bike.
Used daily on farms all over the country to muster cattle and get around the property to check fences and stock.
We also use ours to take visitors on 'farm tours', heck...the kids even ride it around the backyard (slowly and with supervision).
We've heard the safety warnings, we know the dangers......but it didn't hit home until last week.

I don't know why, or who was looking out for us, but my husband is still walking around, still breathing, still with us. This was a VERY near miss. My blood freezes when I think about how different things could be for us right now.

The story is fuzzy - concussion does that to a person - but it goes like this:
While bringing in cattle around the edge of the dam, the bike became unstable and flipped. He was thrown into about 2 feet of water, and the bike landed upside-down on top of him. By some miracle he did not drown. He freed himself, righted the bike, eventually got it started again and made his way home to call me up at work "can you come home - I've come off the quaddy and I'm hurt".

Painfully bruised ribs and a huge scare are a small price to pay. He is OK and we've all learned some very big lessons.

P.S. The lottery ticket has been purchased!


  1. A very, very scary experience! Just hearing about it made my blood run cold! Thank the Lord Tim is OK, the angels were working overtime that day.

  2. OH GOODNESS! Pen, I'm so glad that Tim is OK. The Gods were smiling on him! Either that or he's got real good kharma credits!!


  3. So glad that Tim is ok Penny. Our worst nightmare. Hope that all Tims injuries have mended.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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