Wednesday, June 15

It's raining it's pouring...

....and Penny is scrapping.....(sing it with me now!)

OK. Time to share the latest SUYS challenge with you dear readers. A lovely simple colour challenge. Check out the details here.

Here is my double page that featured in SM recently....Vol13 No7......the best thing about this one is that Kate and her friends showed the mag around school and got to feel "famous" for 15 can imagine the excitement!

How was your long weekend?
We took the kids out of school a day early and made a quick escape to the coast here.  A fabulous little spot right on the river - the perfect quiet getaway.

The sun shone down on us at first.
We launched the new boat and set off to explore the river.....climbed the ginormous sand dune.... lots of bites and a few fish too.....

.....went paddle-boating....

......and then it rained. And rained....and rained....and rained. Bucketed down in fact. All day and all night for the rest of the holiday.

We had to slosh through the puddle (or should I say lake) outside our cabin to pack the car on our final morning.
And just made it back out to the highway before the road flooded.

But you know what?
I loved this mini-holiday, rain and all!
When else does one get to snuggle up and read a whole 630 page novel from start to finish and feel completely guilt-free about it!

Loved this book! Was totally absorbed until the very last word.
Bye for now xxx


  1. Love your SUYS layout, the paint, the colours and that fab pic of the girls! Perfect!
    Wet, wet, wet.........and still wet. We are watching the water rise. Still, I get to scrap and read......glad you enjoyed Those Faraday Girls. xx

  2. Penny, sounds like what usually happens when we try to get away...lucky you had a good book with you. Love the Lo of the two girls with their country style.....better than that city stuff any day of the week.

  3. I sang it with you!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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