Tuesday, June 14

Fancy this or that?

How does this cute owlie ribbon grab you....?

Or some romantic rose trim.......?

The sparkly butterfly one does it for me.......

Nice, eh!
Find these (and more) at Scrapbook n Bits.
One of my faves for unusual quirky finds.
Did I mention they're having a S-A-L-E?
Check it out here!!!

See you soon with a new layout and long weekend snaps.


  1. Just when I vowed that I would buy nothing but adhesive for a few months, you tempt me with all those glorious ribbons. Love the 'rose' may just break that little vow for a quick purchase. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sorry Joy....but that one is too beautiful to resist I reckon!!!
    I got it in the red then thought to myself.....I can't leave the pink there all lonely!

  3. Got the better of me and I ordered the red and the green roses, no pink available, also a couple of other things.


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