Monday, May 2

Wot Big Eyes U Have!

Everything about our new little kitty cat is miniature - except for those big green eyes and her giant chainsaw-like purr.

Tim brought this little scrawny bundle home to us the week before Easter.....poor little darling was living in behind the Coke machine at his work (a big noisy manufacturing plant). The boys had been leaving their lunch scraps out for her and watching her antics and this day Tim managed to coax her out for a cuddle.  We've named her Jemima and she is fast becoming the boss of the house!

Wow - we had such glorious weather over Easter. Good Friday was spent on the water with friends and family and our new boat.....

Easter Saturday more friends came over for a yummy roast dinner cooked on the barby and a huge bonfire.....

Sparklers, glow sticks and toasted marshmallows....

......with entertainment provided by my brother Tim.....

Easter Sunday we were up bright and early - as is the tradition in a house full of young children! The Easter Bunny was overly generous as always....

To me the break seemed surprisingly long and lazy......with plenty of time for fun and relaxing.....just how they should be.

I finished this library book....

(a light hearted and funny read in the vein of the Shopaholic series)

And started this one....

....the sequel to Eat Pray Love.

Hope you all had a lovely time over Easter as well.
Talk soon.


  1. Super photos Pen! How is little Jem? She is such a cute cat. I bet she has grown a bit since she being good?

  2. Your photos show a lot of fun at Sunnydale happening.... Those easter baskets sure were cute.

  3. I'd love to see those bonfire photos scrapped Penny. Just interested to see what you would do with them in your style. They are beautiful photos, capture the spirit of a bonfire perfectly.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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