Monday, May 16

Seven Little Things

1. A new challenge is up at SUYS.....use the sketch, add a handmade item.....easy peasy japanesy! Check it out here.

2. Our 19th wedding anniversary rolled around earlier this month and we treated ourselves to a rare dinner out. Beth insisted on taking this quick (rather grainy!) snap of us as we were walking out the door....

3. Soccer season is on again! All the girls are playing this year.....Mimi is loving it so far, she skips around the field with a huge smile.....I think the ball actually came into contact with her foot last week! Go babe!

4. Mother's Day was a lovely quiet affair. Spent much of the day sitting in the sun browsing through my gorgeous new book.....

5. Jemima Cat is thriving on good food and lots of cuddles. Look at her now!

6. One of my fave weekend activities is to pile the family on the back of the ute and check the property. Yesterday we did just that.... never fails to renew the spirit and fill me with gratitude.

7. I have been very good and not made a scrapping supplies purchase for months and months and months......but this new collection from Echo Park is screaming BUY ME!!!! What do you think?


  1. Loving the photos of all the family, including little cutie cat Jem (she is growing fast!). The layout is kind of different to your usual style but I like what you did with the embies, well done, and the ink splashes are great....or did you spill your tea? LOL

  2. Oh I forgot to say, I love EP as well, so easy to be tempted to buy.........go for it, if you have some pocket money to spend! xx

  3. You did a lovely layout with my kit :)
    Thank you and congrats on you Annie!

  4. I love you're work, such a lovely page using my embellishment kit :)
    Congrats on your anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    Ps - why did it roll around sooner? Isn't it the same time every year?!?!?!?!? :oP


  6. Hey Pen, where are you hiding? Are you working too hard? Missing you. xxx Mum


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