Saturday, March 5

Weigh-in + Inspirational Reading

My efforts have started to pay off at last...

After losing ZILCH last weigh-in (despite all that exercise), this week I lost 1.2, which adds up to 2.2 since I started the 5 Kilo Challenge a bit over 3 weeks ago. Gotta be satisfied with that!

Part of our task for this week's blog post is to think of a way to make our fave indulgence less "naughty"....but I have to say, that doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, if I'm going to splurge, I would prefer the teeniest piece of the best chocolate or the smallest spoonful of the most luxurious ice cream. Why waste calories on anything less?

The best motivation for me has been finishing this book....

....which has started me on a quest to "live my best life" (as Oprah would say) which led to me picking up this book....

.....which has convinced me that I am worthy of my own kindness and has taught me to listen to and worship my body rather than hate its flaws and punish it with food....this book has opened up my eyes and my mind, seriously powerful stuff.

I even supervised this sweet scene in my kitchen the other day without craving so much as a bite.....(and that's saying something - cos don't they look scrummy!)

It tool the girls absolutely HOURS to decorate their gingy-men.....such focus and creativity.  Fun FUN fun!

Hope your weekend is FAB - isn't the cooler weather a lovely relief?


  1. Wow darling, well done on the huge weight loss! You were VERY strong to deny yourself one of those cute and yummy gingy-men! Looks like the girls had a lot of fun. Will be interested to read the new book. I have just finished blogging about my latest read, too.

  2. Yaaaay!! Glad to see your hard work is paying off, I think it motivates you a bit more when you see results!! Great looking gingerbread men, mmmmm yum.


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