Wednesday, March 16


It's that time of the month again....well not THAT time.....SUYS challenge time!

For March #2 challenge we have a lovely and very versatile sketch, you need a number in the title and of course a hand made item. My gorgeous felt & button flowers and printed buttons come from Purple Pumpkin.....just too sweet for words! Also added a red doily by Eb's Mum, and the cute star buttons and F-U-N title buttons are from Nellie G.

Speaking of sweet.....I am so looking forward to Easter!
 Not because of the choccy (I'm off it this year!).....but because of the traditions and the fun and the fact that Mum will be here to help us celebrate.
What are your plans for Easter this year?

If you're anything like me you'll be welcoming the cooler weather. As you might know, Autumn is my FAVE the sunny days, the afternoon breezes and the cooler nights. I'm reunited with my scarves and cardy's which have been hibernating at the top of my cupboard......and drool over the new season fashions....


All of the above available here.

I love to wear perfume, but often get it wrong when purchasing......the scent smells divine in the store but not so great on me. Well, I am officially in love with the latest from wacky fashionista Vivienne Westwood....
.....the cheeky name and the gorgeous bottle got me in, and it smells absolutely delish on!!!

Tim and I had a rare date night last Saturday. Went to the movies and saw....

.....not your average rom-com I must say! Not usually an Ashton fan, but he was adorable in this......and the female cast - terrific. A little bit naughty and heaps of LOL moments - the perfect date flick!

SO excited to see this....

......back on the small screen. Tuesday nights 10.30 on GEM. Seriously goosebump-worthy!

Not losing weight all that quickly at the moment.....finding myself too busy to fit in exercise this week. This little cartoon helps to remind me to hop up from the computer now and then while at work!

Nice talking to ya, thanks for the visit, cya!


  1. I am totally with you on nice to have the cooler nights and mornings!
    Looking so forward to Easter with you all, can't wait for those hugs from my girls!
    Love your layout, so colourful and fresh, Milly is growing fast. Poppy is off to the vet tomorrow for her op....poor girl has fallen for the handsome boy next door but a wedding is not on the cards! xx

  2. I love your layout!!! The colours are so bright and cheerful! I've bought some long black boots and some "warmer" fashions already but it's WAY too hot still to wear them! It's been over 30 degrees consecutively for over two months now! A record!!!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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