Friday, December 17

My Twenty Ten

What did you get up to in 2010?
It's the theme for the current challenge for Show Us Your Stuff, and my first DT project for this fab new blog.....check it out

2010 has been a good year.....a really good year in fact.  For me, it was one where I made a conscious effort to make time for myself.....even got to do some of the things that were pretty much impossible while the girls were small.  Here's my layout....

Kate, Beth and Mia went off to their last day of school on Wednesday.....looking very festive I might add....complete with tinsel in their pony-tails.... 

Second day of the school hols today.....Tim's been in charge of the kids while I go to work......sleepovers have been had already.....also some secret shopping (a very strange-shaped pressie has appeared under the tree for me!)

Yesterday arvo we were hit by a short but scary storm....the hail was golfball-sized no kidding.....the wind brought down trees.....the trampoline hurtled down the paddock and was mangled on a fence post.  All humans and animals were unhurt, thankfully.

Someone told me today there are a mere 8 days til Christmas.....I love Christmas, I really really's just that it feels so rushed this time for some reason....

Anyhow, the tree is up and looking instantly brings that wonderful Christmas-y feeling.....that I look forward to every year.

How are you feeling about Christmas?
Are you ready for it?


  1. lovin the way you have done your background paper

  2. We are Christmassy here too, tree looking good with pressies underneath..........decorations up everywhere. Your place looks lovely! (Except for the upside down tramp in the bush!.....kinda spoils the effect!) Good thing no one was hurt in the storm.

    I LOVE that LO of you, gorgeous picture! And my lovely girls in their Chrissy t-shirts. Can't wait to get those Christmas cuddles.


  3. Cringe at the tramp! Good thing no one was hurt! It looks like it was a doozy of a storm!

    I just dig how you mix your patterns and such fun bright colors! Great idea making a 2010 list as a LO! The crinkle edges are perfect!

  4. Pen, I LOVE your 2010 LO. And I LOVE that you have had a good year. I certainly am happy that you've been a part of my 2010.

    I love ya!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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