Friday, December 3

Puppies and Pages

I have some rather adorable puppy snaps to share....but first, a page:

This is my cutie pie niece, Amarah Shae. Photo was taken at Copeton Dam, sitting on the rocks watching her cousins tubing on the day after my birthday party.
The layout is another project for Design Dollies, using this week's sketch:
Check it out, plus the other Dollies examples HERE.

Cookie's babies are 2 weeks old now......eyes open.....toddling around on wobbly legs....we can't get enough of their water-balloon bellies and velvet fur.....

....we just love them to bits!

Oh....and check out our gorgeous girl Bessie doing her thing last weekend at her first ever guitar concert....
she's only been learning for just over 2 months....her little group played Blue Suede Shoes beautifully.... proud of you babe!!!


  1. I love the freshness of thi s one, those colours really pop

  2. Love your Amarah page, Pen, great photos, you have captured her cheeky charm perfectly!

    Oooh those pups are so adorable! I can just smell that new puppy velvety aroma!

    Well done, Bessie Mae, looking good babe! So proud of you! xxxx

  3. Hi Penny, love the bright DD layout. Your puppies are so cute and good on Bessie with her guitar.

  4. Love your layout Penny, love the swish of interest across the page, and your beautiful colours.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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