Friday, November 12

Sneaky peaks right here

R U ready for my online class tonight?
 I am!
And a bit excited about it too!
 Some teasers for you....

Those who have their class kits in their hot little hands will be able to start at 8pm (NSW time) when the steps will go up over at the special Red Earth Scrapping classroom!
If you haven't purchased your kit, don't fret....there are a few left here and the steps will stay up so you can do the class whenever you get the chance.
I'd so love you to join in!

Speaking of joining in....
why not have a go at the Dollies Elements challenge this week....
"It's Getting Cold"
(which is not technically true for us southern-hemisphere dwellers - but what the heck)

Here's my version....

Thanks for the visit :)

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