Friday, February 19

Happy List

What makes you happy right now?

For me it's.....

1. Pizza delivery!  The fat-free variety of course.....loving these new goodies!

2. This bea-ootiful collage artwork by Kate Mason...on its way to my picture framer brother-in-law....

3.  Bollywood movies - isn't Aishwarya Rai the most divine creature....should be illegal to be this beautiful...

4.  Big Love and So You Think You Can Dance are back on our screens.....also this lovely little show....

"Gourmet Farmer"....

5. If I could have my childhood back - this is the bed I would totally OTT!

Hoping to scrap on the about you?
Have a good one!


  1. Happy List for Lin (for this weekend).

    1. Being married for 17 years!
    2. The cooler weather.

    Can't think of any others cos I've got a bug and am not particularly happy! D'OH!

  2. Oh wow I love that art work!!! Im of too gooogle her. PS LOVING big Love!!b but what is Gourmet farmer?!?

    PPS my 5.
    Triple Chocolate cheesecake.
    Scrap Tuesday Tomorrow
    the smell of oranges
    The colour yellow
    my mummas coming over for a visit from france soon!

  3. LOve those scrapping goodies! What brand?

    Lucky you getting the Kate Mason artwork, I love her stuff, so fresh and original. I want one too!

    Gourmet Farmer sounds like fun..what channel and what day is it on?

    1. Going to the AC/DC concert on the weekend, a real blast!
    2. Enjoying the company of the family in Sydney.
    3. Catching up with Annie
    4. Getting home and finding that Granny is OK after a spell in hospital.
    5. Cooler weather, meaning a better night's sleep!
    Love to you all! xx

  4. Sorry you didn't get the OTT Princess Coach bed when you were a little girl!

    I am getting guilty Mummy feelings now.............were you deprived?


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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