Saturday, February 13

Weekly Catch Up

Another busy week.  Saturday already.  The rollercoaster of Term 1 sure is speeding up.

Mia's exciting news...she was Worker of the Week at school!  Here she is very proudly clutching her trophy....

....and this was not just a Kindy award - it was out of the whole K-1-2 composite class.  I can't believe how well she's doing, little pet.

While at school to take her photo with the trophy, I discovered this hanging up in the classroom....

....quite the budding little artist I am thinking!

Some layouts to share....firstly Kate and Mia's ballet concert at the end of last year....

And Beth's yellow belt grading for karate.....

...the little woven karate patches are by Karen Foster - a great find!

Other news from this week.....

We had a close encounter with a brown snake while making a new garden bed....eeeeek!  Luckily Tim was quick with the shovel (yes Linda, more bad luck for us...)

I started going to YOGA class!  I was determined to do something for myself this year, and this is it.  I did yoga for years when I lived on the coast, but not since I was expecting Bessie - 7 years ago!  It was so good, even worth the pain I felt the next day...

I am the winner of Leann's lovely little chipboard beach huts I showed you in my last post!!!!  How lucky am I?  Can't wait to play with those cuties.

Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow and thanks for popping in.


  1. Hey! Good for you, winning LPs gorgeous little beach hut scene....can't wait to see the LO it will appear on one day.

    Love your latest pages, of course, I always do! LOL. The girls will look back on those memories one day...something to show their children!

    Little Mimi is brilliant, and a shining star, taking after her adorable sisters, doing so well in her first couple of weeks at school. What a darling! xxxx

  2. Congratulations on the hut winning!! And congratulations Mia on teh award love the art work!! I am so drooling over yellow belt!! Loving the bunting look edging! and that single yellow matting!!

  3. tsk tsk tsk



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