Tuesday, August 11

Scrappin' to the raindrops...

Oops...that was a long "few days" wasn't it! Sorry dear cyber friends... Today I scrapped to the heavenly sound of rain on the tin roof...aaaahh, what bliss...I'd almost forgotten what rain sounded like. A few layouts to share: "If There's Mud" - yet another layout featuring Mia and mud! This one was done using some gorgeous goodies sent by the lovely Trisha all the way from the US - thanks Trisha!

"Two's Company" using Ruby Rock-it Vintage Beauty products, this one has some very cute photos of Tim and Bethany fishing at Yamba last April... Oh, and this was the layout I taught at my class last week...here are all the different variations that were created:


Tracy and Jane... Deb... Rosalee and Katrina... Lee... Rhonda and Meleah... Gloria... and Dana... Aren't they clever!? So proud of my ladies... I've booked myself into a Thai Cooking class! Starts in a couple of weeks - so looking forward to doing something just for me (well...AND for the people that will be eating all the hopefully yummy food I'll be creating). What else, oh, going to visit my dear friend Linda this weekend - yippee! And Linda, I promise I will never feed another hot chip to a seagull...but as for the snakes, I'm sorry, but if they are where I need to be, it's bye-bye snakey. Today was a good day for baking...Mia and I had some messy fun in the kitchen...will share a recipe with you soon! Have I mentioned lately...I love my dishwasher!!! Toodle pips for now. xxx


  1. Love the latest layouts by the Gum Flatties, those pp are totally yummy. I hope you will keep me a class in a box if you have any this month, please Pen.

    BTW, you don't need to feed the chips to the seagulls, around here they steal them!!

    Enjoy your Thai cooking class! xx

  2. Sorry Pen, but if you kill snakes you get really bad kharma for a really long time!


  3. Oh, but I should mention that rescuing lizards off the road re-establishes good kharma points!!

    Love a lot


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