Tuesday, August 25

5000 Visits GIVEAWAY

To celebrate 5000 visits to Scissors Paper Pen, I'd like to give away a little something.....so if you would like to be in the running for a special RAK from me, leave a comment on this post before the end of the month and I will select a winner (or two!) Hands up who bawled their eyes out on Saturday night watching this? It gets me every time. Love it love it love it....how beautiful is Ryan Gosling??? Who else was silly enough to stay up to midnight watching the Miss Universe Pageant last night? I know I'm pathetic, but I loooooove Miss Universe....some of the answers to the final question were so dopey - cracks me up!! I was sure our lovely Miss Australia would take it out...but it was Miss Venezuela yet again... Want to see some scrapping? I put this one together for my class which is on next week - so I can only show you a sneak peek so far....but it's very girly, sparkly and PINK... ...and I finished this double today... I love the days spent at home with just me and Mia...I sure will miss them next year with Miss M at school. This is the layout she created while scrapping with Mum...(loving the hand journaling)... ...and even more creativity outdoors... Do you like my new toy? Who knew you could fall in love with a vacuum cleaner? Maybe other Dyson-owners will understand... Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather today...32 degrees here yesterday with a dreadful hot wind blowing...utter madness!!! Catch you soon xxx


  1. Yeah its revolting here too on the Gold Coast, so hot but the winds nice and cool but not so good for an potential fires.
    LOL I did more than cry I sobbed and sobbed watching the notebook, more so from when I first watched it (probably cause I knew how it ended)
    Great layouts and your class looks so pretty
    Tracy :)

  2. Hi Penny! Did you say RAK!!!! The LO for next week looks great, sorry I won't be able to make it.
    Love your new dyson too!
    Libet xxx

  3. Hey Penny, totally love the look of your next layout...even if its only a sneak peak!!
    You have a heat wave and we have freezing temps down here in Vic. Hope you and the fam are all well.
    Cheers Karen xox

  4. Hiya Penny,

    Can I preorder one one of those class kits if you have any spare??

    Also totally get the Dyson thing. I have had mine about 5 years and our relationship is still going strong, LOL.

  5. Oh, Pen, you are a nut for Notebook! I have a copy on DVD now so I can watch whenever I want. I will bring it with me on the next visit if you like! The new vac looks good, I am saving for a steam mop, I think I could get excited about that too.

    Love Mimi's LO she is talented like Mum! And of course, yours are great as always. Just love that cute photo of Mimi and Bessie. Hugs to all xxx

  6. I reckon we were robbed in the Miss Universe quest. Our Aussie girl is much prettier and more natural. Miss Venezuela is lovely but the heavy make up and starchy hairdo are a bit dated (in my opinion). Am I biased? You bet!

  7. Ooooh - comment, comment, comment!!!! Now I'm in the running for a RAK - wooohoooo.

    LOVE Mia's "Cute" LO, Pen. She's got the gift! And I love your "Cross Country Champs" - the colours are beautiful.

    And I giggled to see a foto of your vacuum - only you would put that in a blog!!!


  8. Hey Penny... thanks for your comments on my creations... i have just been looking thru your creations.... and I recognized heaps of your stuff that was published and you also got a cover too!!!! congrats on all of your a3wesome creations....I too have a dyson.... had it for 6 years but...the best ever...gorgeous Lo by your DD too.

    cheers leeann xx

  9. Hey Penny
    Congratulations on 5000 visitors!
    I so understand about the Dyson! I love mine too! :)
    Keep up the Hard work!

  10. If there are going to be any spare page kits left over, Pen, will you put one aside for me, Please? I will pick up when I visit. xxxx

  11. Hey Penny, yes I totally agree with falling in love with a vacuum cleaner as I have had a dyson upright for a while now and I looove mine as well. I love Mia's creativity both inside and outside. Great work Mia.

  12. wow 5000 visitors your blog ia truely inspiring, I have a Dyson and love mine as well it's great

    Karen H

  13. Penny,

    Just love what you are teasing us with your new class.

    As for the Dyson..................I had one on order, then came to the realisation that if the whole house was tiled why did I really need a vac cleaner so I got a steam mop instead.

    So when the house is finished I will get it out of the box and hopefully have a new friend too.

    Just love popping in to see what you have been up to, can't get into everyone elses problems on other sites.

    Hope you have had some rain.

    Chat soon



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