Monday, June 8

Things to do on a chilly weekend

Find a sunny spot... Snuggle up nice and close... Have a mad soccer match in the backyard... Contemplate life... Put your feet up with a good book... Wear a cute woolly hat... Chuck a snag on the barby (and a few spare ribs too)... Be led down the garden path... Rug up in your fave winter coat... Gaze at a waterfall... Cuddle a puppy dog... Hold a Uno tournament on the top bunk... Brave the cold and enjoy the view... Go wombat sighting... Have an afternoon stroll with a buddy... Life is good. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Hope your long weekend was as wonderful as mine...


  1. What gorgeous photos, please send copies!

    The adorable little ones seem to have enjoyed exploring at Armidale. Chilly, eh?

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pix Pen! xxx

  2. Love the fotos. Loved the weekend! Thanx for coming to visit!!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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