Tuesday, June 30

Birthday Girl

A big day on Sunday....a party to celebrate our smallest princess Mia's birthday. She turns 5 tomorrow. Five! It sounds so grown up....a rather special milestone of course because it means SCHOOL next year....no longer a baby of the house....a "big girl" just like her sisters. Our Mimi is not one who likes to be in the spotlight - last year she didn't even let me bring a cake to preschool cos she'd be "too embarrassed" - so it was a huge thing for her to invite some little friends for a party at home where she would be the main attraction. She coped beautifully opening her presents with all eyes upon her and resisted the urge to hide when "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" blared out at 100 decibels.... We had Pass-the-Parcel, Pin-the-Cherry-on-the-Cupcake, a Treasure Hunt and a hilarious soccer match which had us giggling hysterically - not sure who had the most fun - the kids or the adults....do you like my sensible protective head gear...? One of my fave photos of the day.....my dear friend Tracy, Mia and I.....party queens in our inflatable crowns..... A couple of my latest pages to share.... .....and it was nice to be appearing in the mags again after a long break from submitting (check pages 48 and 81)...... The bottom of my wardrobe hides pretty pink-wrapped parcels awaiting (no doubt) an early-rising mop-haired excitable little girl....a choccy cake yet to whip up tonight for her to take to day care......and another busy day at work tomorrow packing (our office has been sold so we're moving)......and it's already after 9.....best be off this computer! Take care, see you soon xxx


  1. Loving the birthday party photos Penny, little Mia looks to be having a super time.......and I bought the magazine to enjoy your great LOs.
    Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Love, Love, Love the "Middle Farm" LO, Ms Pen!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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