Tuesday, November 11

November Workshop

This month we used the utterly gorgeous "Urban Prairie" range by Basic Grey. So pretty! New techniques included giving shape and dimension to paper embellishments, and making our own tiny letter tiles.
I did "Green Valley Farm" during the workshop to demonstrate on.
"Can We Bwing the Stwoller?" is my original example.
The ladies did a fantastic job....see for yourself!
Tracy, Gloria & Jane Rhonda, Chris, Lee and Lisa
Di and Meleah
Deb, Katrina & Lisa
And sorry....my left-over packs were all sold even before I got to put it up here!
Such a beautiful day here today....I should be doing laundry, but my mind keeps wandering to the lovely goodies that have just arrived from Cut & Paste! The pizza box is sitting on my dining table, beckoning loudly. Wicked pizza box!


  1. omg i love that page it is just gorgeous :D

  2. This is an outstanding design........I bought the class in a box kit and I just love the result!

    Thanks so much Penny, another huge success! You have IT, girl! xxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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