Tuesday, November 4

33 Layouts in 34 Days!

Octoberfest is over, and I've done each and every layout! 33 to be exact, including the bonus ones that Jen threw in. Finished the last one yesterday. YAY!
I'm really happy with all of them, plus have picked up heaps of tips and techniques along the way.
Another similar thing is being planned for Feb next year, so keep an eye on Jen's Blog to find out more. I thoroughly recommend it!
Here are my final creations to show you:
DAY 26
In this LO we had to journal a letter to a loved one.
DAY 27
This one's about the way each birthday comes around MUCH too fast these days!
DAY 28
A double page using another of Jen's downloadable Doodle Sheets.
DAY 29
Scrap a childhood memory.
DAY 30
"Piled-on" collage technique. DAY 31
Mad and messy with finger-painting!
Thanks for coming with me on my month-long scrap fest!
See you soon with my November Class-In-A-Box!


  1. Nice work getting them all finished penny! I'm not even half way there yet but having heaps of fun with it. Those last couple are scaring me though!!!! Very out-of-my-comfort zone.

    I really like your horse layout from these ones.

  2. Penny they are all just soo fantastic. I really do love them all. You have done a great interpretation of all Jen's Lo's. Excellent! Bron xxxx

  3. Absolutely fabulous, Penny! Some of these are such a different style than I'm used to seeing from you too...love them!! Of course, I always love your sort of "cotton candy" style too. You are such an inspiration to a scrap beginner like me!!


  4. Penny-lope, your letter and LO to Kate is just soooooo lovely! I was sooooo moved!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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